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          Contact Us

          Hanyang District

          No. 8,Longyang Avenue




          Core Competencies
          Digital distribution and supply chain service capability of all varieties, all channels, and all scenarios in the medical health industry
          Up to now, after nearly 20 years of investment, construction, operation, and accumulation, Jointown has occupied 6,634 mu of land around China to construct and operate 31 provincial-level large-scale pharmaceutical logistics centers and 110 prefecture-level small and medium-sized pharmaceutical logistics centers, with a total construction area of 3.99 million square meters, wherein, 2.57 million square meters conforming to GSP standard are used for pharmaceutical storage. The company has equipped 1,871 self-owned logistics vehicles, which is leading in the industry. There are 519 cold stores, with an area of 44,900 square meters (100,000 cubic meters), meeting GSP standards, and more than 430 refrigerated trucks.All these have provided strong logistics support for Jointown to provide efficient and professional pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain services. Jointown's constant investment in information technology, logistics technology, internet technology, and other aspects has made it one of the few modern digital pharmaceutical supply chain enterprises with independently developed ERP systems, master data systems, system integration ability, and independent intellectual property rights in the industry. These secure the efficient operation of Jointown at a lower operating cost. Jointown can upgrade the business system or develop new business systems in a timely manner according to the business extension and format changes. Its highly integrated hardware facilities and system software shape the core competitiveness of Jointown. Meanwhile, relying on the customer and product resources accumulated in the development process of the company, it has realized all-variety and all-channel distribution and agency services. On this basis, the core supply chain management service platform on the medical industry chain has been established. The schematic diagram for its business model is detailed below.
          The unified business, logistics, and financial information system within the group has laid a solid foundation for expanding and upgrading the company to an "internet-based, digitalization and platform-centered" big health service platform
          At present, Jointown's overall application architecture includes 46 information systems, which, based on the combination of independent research and development and external introduction, forms a flexible, advanced, and mature application architecture that can evolve and extend internally and be controlled independently. These systems can not only meet the requirements of business collaboration in the system but also further broaden the business scope on the premise of maintaining low operating cost and high efficiency. By establishing a unified basic database and data formula, Jointown has obtained a unified and interconnected business data system within the whole group, which continuously empowers the business expansion and management improvement of various business sectors, realizes the digitalization of group decision-making, and constitutes the core competitiveness of Jointown.
          At present, its logistics has been upgraded from traditional warehousing, transportation, and distribution logistics to a scientific, technological, platform, and ecological logistics and supply chain, and has realized the network and platform-based operation, digital control, and intelligent production. Jointown's logistics have completed the digital transformation. It can build an abstract panoramic digital intelligent logistics model for different formats and enterprises in the big health industry and realize the innovative application driven by the twin-engine of data and intelligence. It has integrated all-scenario and all-channel service capability, and its business covers the drug and non-drug, normal temperature and cold chain, conventional and bonded logistics services, and so on. The company's pharmaceutical logistics technology and operation management level are leading in the industry in China. Based on an in-depth understanding of the industry, Jointown has participated in the formulation of 18 national and industrial standards and specifications related to pharmaceutical supervision, warehousing, transportation, vaccines, and cold chain in recent three years.
          Learning from the successful experience of Huawei, Jointown has cooperated with relevant intermediate agencies to develop and establish a financial sharing center platform, and the sharing system is now under normal operation. At present, the financial sharing center platform has covered 322 subsidiary companies of the group, formulated unified financial accounting standards, and realized the standardization of financial accounting. It greatly improves the financial operation efficiency and reduces the error rate. Meanwhile, the company has built a financial data ecological chain platform centered on the financial sharing platform to interact with various systems, optimize the data information flow, ensure the smooth and efficient flow of business and financial accounting process, and improve the automation level of financial processing. Through the connection between the financial sharing system and the group's fund management and control system, the centralized and unified collection and control and efficient allocation of the whole group's funds are realized, which not only improves the use efficiency of the group's funds but also reduces its potential risks.
          The unified business information system, logistics management system, and financial sharing system in the group are not only the group's great advantages in digital management and business development, but also lay a solid foundation for successfully expanding and upgrading the group to the "Internet and platform-based digitalization" big health service platform.
          Jointown shows a significant overall advantage by combining the advantages of private system and mechanism, efficient management team, quick decision-making, and strong executive ability
          Private enterprises are competitive in flexible mechanisms and efficient decision-making. Since the core management members and business backbones of Jointown hold its shares, their personal interests are closely linked with Jointown, forming an efficient management team with shared interests and strong executive ability. Since 2014, Jointown has constantly promoted the stock incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan. The objects of incentive and stock ownership cover the directors and intermediate and senior managers of the company, senior managers of subsidiaries, core technical personnel and business personnel of the group, etc. These measures have further enhanced the sense of identity of the company's existing employees on the development of the company's business, and have achieved good results. In addition, the flexible and convenient incentive modes of private enterprises can more easily attract external senior talents to join Jointown. According to the needs of innovative business and technological development, Jointown continues to attract external talents to join the company, which effectively promotes its business development and technological innovation. Jointown's existing management team is characterized by reasonable structure, professional dedication, high loyalty, and rich business experience. The flexible mechanism setting of private enterprises, the consistency between individual interests and Jointown's, the strong sense of identity on teamwork, fast decision-making, and the consistent collaboration can give full play to the overall advantages of the group.
          "Family" culture, as the core culture system of the company, exhibits strong vitality and brand advantage
          Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible energy to facilitate its development. Corporate culture represents internal cohesion and external radiation. After years of development, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group has formed the original ecological "Family" culture system that takes the culture of creating common cause, master culture, platform culture, service culture, school culture, team culture, and family rule culture as its prominent connotations and advocates the concept of "equality, friendship, mutual aid, and mutual progress". During continuous development and inheritance of the "Family" culture, Jointown has developed the eight connotations of "family rules, family education, family tradition, leading family, supporting family, managing family, loving family and protecting family". Jointown establishes its corporate culture through image design and spiritual cultivation, and integrates the thoughts and behaviors of employees into the vision and common values of Jointown to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Meanwhile, by adhering to the "customer-centered, performance-oriented, culture-driven and quality-based" core values, the company constantly integrates the culture and uses the tie of the "Family" culture to enhance the cohesion, centripetal force, and competitiveness of the group, so as to give full play to the important role of corporate culture in enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.