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          Contact Us

          Hanyang District

          No. 8,Longyang Avenue




          Logistics Overview
          Provide enterprises with integrated logistics supply chain solutions
          Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd., positioned as a scientific, platform and ecological logistics enterprise of big health industry,provides customers with integrated and reliable logistics supply chain comprehensive solutions with its perfect logistics network and advanced logistics technology.
          Transportation network
          more than 1,871 self-owned vehicles, 700 transportation partners and about 4,000 logistics routes.
          Warehouse network
          141 logistics centers, 2.57 million ㎡ GSP warehouse, 100,000 m3 GSP refrigeration warehouse.
          Distribution network
          911 terminal distribution sites, covering more than 96% of the administrative areas.
          General Pharmaceutical Logistics
          Nationwide transportation covering both main and branch routes , multi-warehouse collaborative storage, quality inspection and maintenance, nearby warehousing and delivery, terminal multi-frequency delivery.
          Professional Pharmaceutical Logistics
          Medical institutions targeted delivery and inter-hospital logistics, Orthopaedics instrument storage, commission sale and urgent delivery, chain terminal commissioned storage, outsourcing and distribution.
          Cold-Chain Pharmaceutical Logistics
          Cold-chain temperature control transportation covering both main and branch routes, multi-warehouse collaborative storage and distribution, operation management consulting, agent operation, customized cold-chain validation.
          Consumer Goods Logistics
          Specialized area storage and distribution in beauty makeup, maternal & child,food industries, collective packing, specific maintenance and promotion services.
          Logistics technology
          Focusing on logistics technology for big health industry, Jointown provides enterprises with integrated services of intelligent logistics center planning and design, information technology system construction and operation management consulting.
          Planning integration:Planning and design, equipment integration, network planning, operation diagnosis;
          Information technology:OMS order management/BMS business management/WMS warehouse management/TMS transportation management/OAS operations analysis/SIP service integration/TDP technology development/BDP data development.
          Intelligent logistics equipment
          Jointown possesses independent intellectual property rights for the shuttle vehicle, AGV, elevator, a series of selection devices and E-WMS device control system, which are fully competence for providing enterprises with integrated intelligent logistics solutions with flexible application and scenario extensively adaptation.
          Shuttle vehicle
          High speed shuttle vehicle
          Omni-directional shuttle vehicle
          Variable shuttle vehicle
          Overloaded shuttle vehicle
          AGV series
          Embedded AGV
          Rolling drum type AGV
          Picking shuttle vehicle