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          Operation & Development
          Contact Us

          Hanyang District

          No. 8,Longyang Avenue




          Company Strategy
          Jointown met its new development strategy period from year 2020 to 2022. The development theme of this strategic period is "Make professional pharmaceutical distribution, do excellent product marketing, provide innovative internet service and solidify high-quality development". Applied itself to the pharmaceuticals and big health industry, the company provides pharmaceutical institutions, retail pharmacies, commercial wholesale, production enterprises with professional pharmaceutical distribution, sole agency, modern logistics, information technology and other services; provides Internet + health management services for consumers; fully promotes the partnership mode of focusing on the development of hospital, sole agency, terminal e-commerce, equipment and TCM business, and actively carries out third-party logistics business, that enables upstream and downstream customers and consumers enjoy the most professional service experience and endeavors in steady development to create the most influential big health service platform in China.
          "456" Business Portfolio
          Four Core businesses
          medical business
          sole business
          terminal business
          distribution business
          Five strategic busines- ses
          medical equipment business TCM business 998 group big health platform business biological products business tripartite logistics business
          Six other businesses
          API / consumer goods medical information fund investment medical & health care integration pharmaceutical industry
          456 business portfolio is the core component for achieving the company’s future strategic goals.
          Four core businesses: includes the medical business that consists of urban hospitals and primary medical care, the sole business orienting on product introduction and promotion, the terminal business focusing on individual pharmacies and clinics, and the distribution business consisting of commercial wholesale and chain.The company attaches more importance to supporting and promoting the steady development of the four core businesses.
          Five strategic businesses:medical equipment business, TCM business, 998 group big health platform business, biological products business, tripartite logistics business.The company will proactively explore, expand and strengthen the five strategic businesses.
          Six other businesses: APIs, consumer goods, medical information, fund investment, medical & health care integration, pharmaceutical industry.The company will innovatively develop and optimize these six businesses above.