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          Company Business
          Quality development
          WE DO OUR BEST
          Jointown insists on the quality policy that "Assured goods and satisfactory service" and the quality concept that "All staff have quality awareness and all aspect put under quality management".
          Jointown Group focuses on the pharmaceutical management as the core business, and parallelly engaged in medical equipment, food, cosmetics and other pharmaceutical related products. According to the requirements of “Pharmaceutical Administration Law”, “Food Safety Law”, “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Equipment", “Regulations on the Implementation of the Pharmaceuticals Administration Law", "Regulations on the Quality of Operation of Pharmaceutical Products", "Medical Equipment Operating Quality Management Standards " and other relative laws, all subsidiaries have respectively set up their own independent quality management system. On this basis, the group has established a collectivized quality management system for the purpose of pooling resources and unified management.
          Network distribution
          WE DO OUR BEST
          provincial medical logistics centers
          prefecture-level distribution logistics centers
          domestic retail pharmacies (including franchised stores)